Atelier de Kalou Dubus


Composed of a set of vases, lamps, sconces, paintings and various pieces, the ceramics play with the opposition between fragility and robustness, the empty and the full, the round and the square, giving them both a sensitive and solid aspect. Alternating raw clay and glazed clay, glossy and matte, the play of patterns, textures and colors, these pieces multiply the associations of geometric shapes, creating a dialogue between lines, curves, tiles and stripes.



Both minimalist and massive, the collections of concrete objects and furniture are represented by the gallery Desprez and Bréheret in Paris.

Fibre cement

The new collection of "Hudge" pots: three models in lighter fibre cement, triangles of different heights placed on a perfect circle, made in collaboration with the company Eternit.

In situ

A carte blanche by architect Federico Masotto, Totem is a 2.5-meter white sandstone piece on the borderline between sculpture and furniture, made up of 53 independent, custom-fitted pieces.

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